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Your son is sensitive, kind, and loves sports—but his out-of-control energy and impulsive actions are keeping him from making lasting friendships and reaching his goals. Your daughter is curious and has always been bright—but her performance in school doesn’t reflect her gifts, and, even worse, her lack of follow-through and careless mistakes are hurting her confidence. If these scenarios sound familiar, then it may be time to talk to Dr. Cavalier about assessment and treatment options for Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder.

At Joy & Crown, the diagnosis of ADHD/ADD is not one-size-fits-all, nor is it synonymous with lack of parental discipline or an easy diagnosis “du jour.” Our patients are carefully evaluated using standard-of-care diagnostic tools that thoroughly involve both caregivers and trusted third-party observers. Joy & Crown recognizes that medication is not always the best treatment, nor is it the only treatment. For young children, behavioral therapy is a critical component to managing ADHD and should be explored prior to initiating a prescription regimen.

When required, medications are dispensed only under strict supervision and regular physician follow-up. Patients who have an established, longstanding prescription regimen will need to be seen every 6 months for a medication recheck/follow-up. Patients who have begun a new prescription regimen in the past 12 months (including dosage adjustments to an otherwise longstanding medication) and are determined by our provider to be doing well will need to be seen every 3-4 months as determined by our provider. Patients who are just starting a new prescription regimen (including a new dosage adjustment) will need a follow-up appointment in 2-4 weeks to see if the medication/dosage change is effective and to evaluate any potential side-effects.Patients who are determined by Dr. Cavalier to be doing well on their new prescription will be transitioned to a 3-4-month follow-up schedule.

NOTE: It is important that parents bring a completed Vanderbilt Parent and Teacher Evaluation form to every follow-up appointment.

Most importantly, the assessment and treatment of ADHD/ADD is never about judgmental labels or simple “fixes” that are not in the best interest of our kids. At Joy & Crown Pediatric Specialists, ADHD/ADD management means partnering closely with you—the parent—in providing our patients with the tools they need to fulfill their potential and achieve their dreams.

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