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Whether you’ve just moved to the Frisco area, you’re a first-time parent, or you’re a pregnancy “pro” with a healthy child or two eager to meet their new brother or sister, waiting for your “blessed event” is rarely uneventful. And wherever you find yourself on this adventure called parenthood, just keep in mind that Joy & Crown is ready to help. No question is “unimportant,” and no concern is “silly” when it comes to welcoming and cherishing your bundle of joy. That’s why Joy & Crown invites expectant parents to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation prenatal visit in order to meet Dr. Cavalier one-on-one, ask questions, and tour our baby-friendly facility, including our “babies-only” exam room and quiet, separate nursing room.

Then again, a group-setting, with an opportunity to meet and network with other expectant parents, may be the kind of prenatal visit that you’re looking for. If so, then join us for one of our prenatal educational sessions! During this informal, hour-long meeting, Dr. Cavalier will address topics such as how best to care for your baby in the days before your initial follow-up visit; the ins and outs of breastfeeding your newborn; the upcoming schedule of well-visits and immunizations; how to make get the most out of your baby’s preventive care visits, and helpful tips for going back to work. Of course, Dr. Cavalier will also be available to answer any other questions you may have.

So, when you’re ready to find the perfect pediatrician for your bundle of joy, call Joy & Crown to schedule a personal prenatal visit or to take part in a prenatal educational session!

Oh . . . and because she maintains privileges at Baylor Medical Center-Frisco, Dr. Cavalier can round on your newborn if you select the Baylor-Frisco Women’s Center for your baby’s delivery!

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